Hi, I'm Emily Millay!

a Cleveland and Chicago midwest wedding photographer with a passion for capturing unforgettable moments. Drawing from my background in fine art and photography, which I studied at The Columbus College of Art and Design, I bring over a decade of experience to every shoot.

Attention to detail is ingrained in my approach. Whether your event is an upscale affair at a breathtaking art museum or a classic outdoor celebration at a private estate, I'm committed to preserving every cherished moment.

With a deep understanding of the importance of family, I specialize in capturing the emotion and love that binds generations together. Growing up with a father who was also a wedding photographer, I learned early on the power of preserving memories through photography. It's a legacy I'm honored to continue, ensuring your special day is immortalized in images that will be treasured for years to come.

I believe in the value of my work and the significance of each moment I capture.

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You'll find me traveling across Europe, capturing the romance of weddings in historic cities like Amalfi Coast or Paris. From the vibrant streets of Chicago to the scenic landscapes of the USA, I'll be there to document your special day wherever your heart desires.